18 April 2017


Patreon page is go!

Linky here:


I'm about to make a permanent wossname widget to go on the page here, but please share the crap out of this. Thank you xx

14 April 2017

Patreon thoughts

Hey lovelies,

I'm just toying with the layout of a Patreon page. The purpose is to allow me to fund all that kinda stuff that a mainstream publisher would normally deal with (editing, layout, artwork etc). It will also allow me to commission cool stuff in future, character visualisations, maps, maybe swag if people are interested (t-shirts, plushies?).

So, this is a soft launch. It currently looks like this:


Can you guys please have a look see and post any thoughts, comments here on the blog? Much 'preciated.

Lots of love


1 April 2017

Reveal trailer...

I have got the best competition prize *ever* for you lot!

I have just seen it this week and it's amazing.

But, I'm away from the writing desk for the rest of the upcoming week, so...

...I will reveal all, when I get back...

19 March 2017

Welcome on board!

Just a quick post to say hiya to all the folks who've joined the fun from #instafreebie :)

Welcome along! We're rapidly chugging along to 700 peeps in Darkfolk about which I am humbled and chuffed in equal measure.

I'm over 50k into the first draft of  'Darker', so that's coming along great guns. Another month I reckon, if I can keep my word count a little higher, then it'll be Alpha reading and editing.

To keep you lot out of trouble in the meantime, do you fancy me knocking together a competition?

Whaddya think?

13 March 2017

Write first - ask questions later. Except smaller.

I'm a big believer in the idea of 'write first: ask questions later'.

I think you can waste a whole load of life waiting for the magic inspiration fairy to come and sprinkle magic dust on your earthy prose to turn it into gold. Don't get me wrong, I do think that some days you wake up 'in the zone' and the words pour out and before you've had chance to check a watch or a word count you've written 2k and it's great. Days like that do happen, but for me they're few and far between.

So I try every day to grind out 500 words. Whatever the quality. Bang 'em down and fix it in the edit. I reckon that's got to be the only way to make a living out of this. That and it being good enough for you lot to buy and recommend.

The challenge is, with the crazy life in our house (I know! I can hear you all. "Everyone says that!") even trying to batter out 500 words at a sitting is a big ask. So I have a proposal: super micro writing.
It seems to be the only way to make a word count every day. Keep the laptop plugged in and running, then while your sat down (if ever) batter out fifty words, or ten even. Anything to keep the words creeping along, one in front of the other. Do that ten times in a day and that's your word count. At the end of the day if you've got another hundred or so to do to catch up before bed it feels do-able.

It might make the edit trickier. I'll let you know in the next couple of months! Watch this space.

In the meantime, if you've not got a copy of Dark yet, or you're trying to persuade recalcitrant mates to read it, it's up for free with loads of other SFF stuff this week on #instafreebie. Catch it on the link here: