7 May 2014

Map Makers Tale - Part 1

"Junior Survey team 2 B"

Survey- Bridge-village 1 of 2
Document- Survey notes
Survey-map- E105/C25/S20
Survey Team- Beg, Dwa, Angd
Scribe- Beg

Centre point - We are supposed to begin our survey from the centre point of the village. This is taken as the market place, but I'm not sure if that's been proven or not. I do know I can't hear my stylus scrape here! I'm also feeling hungry. I may send Dwa for supplies. It could be a long span. We now need to decide to pick a direction to go out in and then make octas and survey out along each direction we've chosen with a survey wire and poles, to keep the wire above peoples heads. Then we can progress along the wire noting what we pass as we do, if anything has changed or any adjustments are to be made from the original survey to go in the tablets. Here follows the scribings.

Octa 1 - Start point Market - Destination point Bridge house.

Poles sorted and tensioned we can progress from the market. Past Dodg's sweet stall. Very hungry. Have I written that? Seems like the selection of stalls is fewer than usual on this octa out towards the bridge. Usually the fish stalls here, dried and fresh as well as those selling fish snacks. Must be an ebb and flow thing. There are still sellers of fishing gear, string and nets out this way. The market stalls have thinned out now, we must be 100 strides from the centre pole. We are crossing the boundary rope for the market, and moving past. Here are some of the market traders huts, seem pretty stable compared with the survey from last Eon. No new traders, one abandoned hut. I think one trader gave up. Can't remember what he did.

We're nearly at the Bridge now. Here is Nag's hut. He's extended it a little to include room with a hatch where he does his hire transactions for river boats. Used to be you had to go down to the jetty under the bridge and you'd find him down there. He must have moved up into the village proper, he is getting on a bit and it can get drafty down by the bridge. Along either side of the bridge are fisher-folk huts. They are too far off our line of survey to note for this octa though. The nearest house is on though. The house of Dun BridgeHouse, his mother and the cubs. We noted in the last survey that Abdun Bridgehouse, Dun's father had been missing for at least 2 Eons. Still no reports as to his whereabouts.

The Bridge spans the pipe for 30 strides, is in good repair and need have no attention this season. It goes across to Over-bridge that is beyond the scope of our survey.

Octa 2 - Start point Market - Destination point Hunter's & Mappers Guilds

Less hungry now after mushroom sticks, (thank you Dwa). Poles reset for Octa 2. This direction of the market takes us out past the 'scribblers': selling clay tablets and stylus for scribes and us of course! Old Gef is in the middle of the row, he's my preference (there are 4 scribblers selling tablets and styli, one just sells tablets and uses clay that he seems to be buying in from the River-folk, everyone seems to be raving about it.) Don't know his name yet and he's not on his stall today. Next we pass the twin bunk-houses of hunters and mappers, one either side of the path. There are stories there, but not for this document. Moving on we reach the hut of Ardg the hunter. She is current head of the hunters guild. She has her hut right next to the hunter's guild hall though she could have one next to the chief's hut by rights of being a guild head. The Hunters guild hall has been having some re-enforcement work done outside. There appears to be a stout fence being erected outside it. It's just on the edge of the path and seems to be heading in the direction of the south passage (heads towards the lands of the Wind-folk). Will they put a gate on it? Note to check on the next survey.
Mappers guild opposite hunters guild. Surveyed in a separate document.

Octa 3 - Start point Market - Destination point Mushroom Caves

The main thing to note about this direction is the unmistakable smell blowing towards up from the ‘Shroom Vents’. More on those as we get nearer. The huts in this direction are almost all mushroom farmers and mushroom hunters. From an initial pass of these dwellings little has altered since the last survey. Old folk Gyb and his mate Meng live half-way down this row and have taught everyone in the tribe all they know about mushrooms. In their garden (all the Shroomers seem to have their own gardens outside their huts, boasting or experiments? I should ask.) they have a particularly stinky specimen that Meng seems to have found in some distant cavern somewhere. Luckily it’s smell doesn’t seem to travel very far from the thing itself. Thank the gods for small mercies.

The end of the row, the smell of the shroom-vents overwhelms all else. That’s a smell that goes right down into your bones living here. A lovely reassuring smell of food and plenty. Mushroom drying has happened in this village for as long as records go back. Mostly at the moment the smell is of cave mushrooms, the widest farmed variety. A simple sweet but ‘mushroomy’ clean smell. They dry easily and keep for eons when they do.

Last in this octa is the entrance to the mushroom caves. The main part of the nearest caves to the village are farmed and kept moist by trickle irrigation. Other entrances lead off the caves for foragers to go exploring in but they are not within this survey’s remit.

Octa 4 - Start point Market - Destination Chief's Hut

The market sprawls towards the Chief’s Hut in this direction. There is a regular hustle for who has stalls here and the turnover of stalls is too high to make any particular stall feature here. Suffice to say that the stalls this end of the market tend towards high value and luxury goods. Much in the way of machine-folk traded goods. Most of the found things tend to this part of the market.

Once the market thins out the ropeway leads to the Portico, a wide coir covered space outside the Chief’s hut edged by seating. There are usually a gathering of folk chatting about one thing or another, gathering gossip and the like. Some discussion of happenings of the tribe go on here, but most are heard at the Moot Hall.

Octas 5-8 and comments to follow…

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