16 March 2016

Welcome back!


Long time no see.

I'm back, I'll try to write here each day. I'll post a bit about what I'm up to writing, whilst trying to spin the plates of my small but perfectly formed life. I'm hoping you lot aren't bored to tears waiting, it's been since Nenna was born that I started writing 'Dark'. That's 7-8 years for the first version (maybe more? any WeBook friends might be able to correct me on that)

But I think we're very nearly there. I'm reading the current version to Leo for a final once over as bedtime stories (and man, it's a cliche, but it really works). I'm frantically thinking ahead to remember just how 'dark' it is though! It's ok so far and I'm keeping ahead of him (about the only place I am).

I'm going to research how to put the stuff up on Amazon in the next few days and how potential pen and paper copies work. Please let me know in the comments if you fancy a P&P copy, whether I can be faffed with that might depend solely on demand!

So shall we do this thing then? 


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