24 October 2016


I was listening to #Radio2 this morning and they described #Aphantasia. It's basically 'mind blindness': I don't see pictures in my mind, never have. They read out a whole list of things that describe my mind. And I was thinking, oh well I've probably not really got it, because I see when I dream, so that...oh wait, that's a symptom too? What the actual F? I've had this all my life, most people actually see pictures when they close their eyes. Wow.

Which led me to do a little research. On the #radio2 website there were a few 'real people stories' of folk who had really visual jobs. For those of you that don't know, in my previous life I used to be a lighting designer. You can't get more visual than that! And I never saw a single piccie in my mind. I knew what I wanted to design and I knew how I wanted it to look. When I'd gotten there I could look at it and I knew. But I never had that image thing. Pictures in your head. Nope.
So here's the thing. I've now built a world, that you guys have read, that is exactly that. It's not that I can't write visual references or think about visual stuff (I'm desperate to write something in a different world entirely and have the characters see!). It's just I felt so compelled to write about this place and the folk that live there, that I had to.
Ain't the subconscious a weird thing?

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