4 October 2016


So Kindle KDP, the people who make e-copies of the book happen are having a thing in October. It's called #PoweredByIndie and it's a chance for e-pubbed Indie authors to say what their experience of being on the fringes is. For what it's worth, here's my two cents/pence/euro. Why do I love being an Indie author? Hmm... I'd love at this point to say that it's because makes me feel on the bleeding edge of cool fiction. But really? Though that's a tiny bit true, mostly it would be a fib. I've never knowingly been cool at anything, and that's fine, own your inner nerd and all that. Really, my reasons for being an Indie are more prosaic - I couldn't find an agent. Lots of great interest and nice comments but I'm SF/F and a newbie and the story is unusual. And that started me thinking. Is that all of us? I've got two other friends who are writers, both self-pubbed, followed the same format and one of them at least, hasn't got an agent or a deal because : newbie and a bit edgy. So are there loads of us here writing because we've got stories we've got to tell, but nowhere else will have us? Because we're a bit different. A bit edgy. An here's the thing. Are we in a place that's a bit like the punk scene in the 70's? Pub's no-one's heard of and someone a bit edgy yelling stuff that they've got to get out there to three people and a dog. Until it became cool. Then everybody wanted it. In a way, it doesn't matter to the guy at the mic, what audience he's got, or what they think of him. He's got to sing. That's what makes it genuine. Makes us genuine. We've got stories to tell and we're in the only place that'll have us. But here? With books? The same stuff is all there and there's no cover charge and it's a pub everybody's heard of. And for most of us, you can pile in and listen to a few bars and if it's crap? The door's right there. But you know, once in a while, you might stumble on 'The Buzzcocks' or 'New York Dolls' or 'Iggy Pop' or 'Laurie Anderson' and you could turn a wet Wednesday when you were bored out of your skull, into a night you'll remember for the rest of your life. And one or two of us crazy writers, might just get to be cool for once. Here's the pub door... #PoweredByIndie
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