12 October 2016

Sweary McSweary swearing competition

Do we all know each other well enough for me to ask for help? Ok here goes. I'm well into a first draft of Book 2 of Dark (currently named Darker!) and I'm stuck with something. The Folk don't really swear like we do. It's never felt right that they do. And I've got as far as 'damn' and 'Gods' and 'hells', but they're getting overused. But they're getting into all kinds of scrapes that put them in those situations where reflexive swearing is necessary. (Imagine treading on Lego in stockinged feet.) So I need a few words that go in that gap where you'd say 'sh1t'!

So... my first

**Competition Time**


Please think up a made up swear word of a style that the Folk might use. It needs to be one or two syllables and easily pronounceable. Please post results in the comments at the bottom, so I can keep them all in the same place. Log on as FB or Twitter if you ain't got a Blogger account, so I can keep track of who's swear is which.

Closing date midnight GMT, 30th November 2016. The winner, will be used, with great fluidity and frequency in the new book and you'll appear in the thank you's at the front end of the book. You'll also receive a free E-book copy of Book 2 when it comes out. And you'll have made up a whole new swear :)

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