9 November 2016

Lovely review from FDLee

Lovely review from @faithdlee on Amazon...

(Dark by Paul L Arvidson )

"The scope and complexity of the world of 'Dark' is brilliant - extremely original and very engrossing. The world that Dun and his friends live in is very well imagined, and reveals itself to the reader slowly, which for me built up a lot of suspense and intrigue. The characters are varied and interesting and I found I wanted to know much more about them - especially Myrch, who he is and where he's from (I have my theories!). I also like the blend of sci-fi tech and fantasy journeying, and the sense that there is a lot of world we can't see (no pun intended!). A very good debut novel - looking forward to Darker!" 

Her fab book is The Fairy's Tale. by FDLee. The second one in the her series is up now too (she writes *way* faster than me). Enjoy.

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