17 November 2016

Sweary Mc Sweary Competition Update...

So, I thought some invigilation was in order here! The story so far...

The Sweary Mc Sweary Swearing competition, for #Darker. 

Your brief: Invent me some new words that Folk in the #Dark might swear with.* notes below *
Deadline: Entries close at midnight GMT November 30th 2016 (like a week and a bit)
The Prizes:  

  • The new swear will be put into use in the new book! 
  • Your name will be in the acknowledgements in the front
  • You win an E-copy and a signed Paperback of Book 2  #Darker.

(*The Folk don't really swear like we do. It's never felt right that they do. And I've got as far as 'damn' and 'Gods' and 'hells', but they're getting overused. But they're getting into all kinds of scrapes that put them in those situations where reflexive swearing is necessary. (Imagine treading on Lego in stockinged feet.) So I need a few words that go in that gap where you'd say 'sh1t'!
*  A made up swear word of a style that the Folk might use. It needs to be one or two syllables and easily pronounceable. Please post results in the comments at the bottom, so I can keep them all in the same place. Log on as FB or Twitter if you ain't got a Blogger account, so I can keep track of who's swear is which.)

The entries and comments so far... names have been abbreviated 

Bork, borking, borked (PT) - Ed. I love this, but it's already a thing! 
kluff, - mil cole (MC) - Ed. I love this too. It's a body part, I think. I don't think you can just say 'Kluff' (though I do think you could say 'stick it up your Kluff')
vaff – (MC) - Ed. this is a thing, but not a swear)
Gump, - fee taylor (FT) - Ed. Tom Hanks would sue me
vux - (FT)  Ed. close... not sure what for yet
pang - (FT) (Ed. is a thing!)
vack - (FT)  Ed. Love this, but again, a thing not a swear
cax - (FT) Ed. A swear, but something about the mouth feel of it...dunno.
fluppit - (TH-A) Ed. My fave word so far,  but surely it's a person, not a swear!

Sooo... crack on you lot, I don't think there's a killer there yet. Please more scratchy heads. I'm getting desperate.

Think about words that fit instead of 'Sh*t' or 'B*ll*cks', ie exclaimations.
Words that you can aim at someone 'You f*cker.' (I'm reduced to using bastard atm, but in a society that's totally tribal it doesn't really mean anything.)
Lastly if you've got any brainspace left, if they applied to different Folk (geology related for Stone-folk, nautical for River-folk, homey for Bridge-folk) that would be cool too.

I think there may have to be runners up prizes too, but on the 30th, I'll assemble a shortlist and a poll for folk (that's you folk, not y'know Folk) to vote on.

Note: for any newcomers to the blog -
Firstly 'Hi!' welcome aboard and all that stuff.
Secondly, if you've not read the first book 'Dark' yet, if you're quick off the mark THE E-BOOK IS FREE ON AMAZON ON 25th NOV for at least 24 hours.
So you could get it for free, read it, enter the competition and win the next one, signed, for free. Just saying.

Good luck and happy swearing.

Comments below, please log in using something with a name on so I can identify you!

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